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  1. Parasuram
    thanks for ur kind info
  2. NaeemMajeed
    You can present the certificate during your interview. For now, it shud be mentioned in the MSPE. You can also mention about it in ur online CV at the ERAS once you apply for that.
  3. Parasuram
    hi nm i thought since this is more a subjective and personal question not to ask in the forum
    my coll had given me a ceritificate as best outgoing student with my photo in it.
    my dean asked whether he should send that certificate also along with mspe when it is asked for or is it enough if he writes in the mspe and lor abt it
    i told him that anyhow i ll tell u but ths s not at all a concern as usmle is more concerned with the scores, usce and good recommendations frm us docs!!!!
    pls enlighten me
  4. NaeemMajeed
    Hmm... so u can send now
    Remember: It has to be sent by the institute not the candidate...

    Best wishes
  5. Parasuram
    thanks nm infact for ur kind info i havent sent my form 186 till now!!!!! as i was confused what docs should i send along with it
    ss now im clear
    ss surely il post any further queries in forum
  6. NaeemMajeed
    The more you think about it, the more complicated u wud make it for urself. Simply dont do anything. U have sent 186 n degree. Your job is done for now.

    They will send 327 to college and will ask for transcript and verification of ur degree. College will do that without u needing to intervene (unless the staff is lazy n u need to push them).

    MSPE and transcript that we have to submit ourselves is only when we apply to ERAS for the match. Not for the step exams, not for ecfmg certification.

    I would prefer if u can post queries on the forum
    So that others can get helped too
  7. Parasuram
    hi NM sorry to disturb u time and again
    if form 327A is for verification when will they send it to the college? if it is after r form 186 then my doubt is that im not going to send anything along with form 186 except for a name expansion and degree certificate. what will they verify??
    and do we need to send transcripts and mspe along with form 186 if not then when should we send those thing...... really confused yaar plz help
    i was thinking that we shoud send the transcript and mspe along with all steps scores when we apply for ecfmg certifucation....
    is there any advantage of sending the transcript and mspe bfr itself
    sorry to disturb really i really feel bad and confused
  8. NaeemMajeed
    CIF: form 186

    Form 327A is sent by ECFMG to your parent institute at home country for verification of information you have provided them, and/or verification of credentials, etc. You have nothing to do with it. It's between your institute and ECFMG. However, you can follow it up at ur institute once ECFMG has sent it - to speed up the work.
  9. Parasuram
    thanks man
    by the by what is cif and one more doubt can u plz tell me smething abt form 327A
  10. NaeemMajeed
    1. If u have to take in first week of nov, then keep nov-dec-jan coz u never know if there wud be some unexpected event n u might have to postpone. Having sep/oct as eligibility wont be of use if u dont intend to take the exam in these months.

    2. Transcripts are valid forever. LoRs too, but it is recommended that the LoRs be fresh.

    3. You can apply for CS right now too, but it is better n safer if u do so once ur CIF is accepted.
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