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    Ali.. Sorry about late reply.. Could you please send me your current status-details in E-mail ( Don't lose your heart.. I will tell you the best possible way, which even you can expected

    I 'm not sure about your current situation.. Sorry about this..

    Looking forward to your E-mail.. Apart from this, you have a lot of information gap about Canadian Health and Immigration System..

    Sincerely yours,
  2. ali.dr.ali
    i m dr.ali from pak and i ve takn usmle step1&2(ck`cs)but i got married 2 canadian national,if i apply for canadian prmanent residnc thn as a rule 2apply for nationlity i ve to live atleast 3 years in canada out of 4 or 5 yrs duration otherwis i dont know fate of my this prmnent residence that will they cancel it or i will nt b able 2aply for citizenship of canada again.i want to apply for PR to canada now so i will b able to invite my parents to canada,
    i have 2 options.
    1.i dont want to get my own nationality in a rapid way if i do my residency in usa,i will be ok if i invite my parents to canada then i come to usa for residency and then in that case how can i manage to do my residency in usa,also maintain my PR and canadian nationality problem.
    2.if i apply for PERMANENT RESIDNC to canada n as a rule have to stay in canada but with my usmle step 1&2 will MCC exempt me from mccee and mccqe or i have to take both test or single test to be eligible to apply for canadian residency.
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