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  1. adnanchoudhry
    Sorry about late reply..

    Don't ever over-power competition, when you work for some-thing..

    Not a big deal but a-lot of sacrifice.. Getting Cardiac Surgery is a piece of Cake.. But for this, you have to go through General Surgery first which is a bit competitive..

    Spending a year or so for Research is more than enough for General Surgery and mostly getting into General Surgery is all about contacts.. Getting into Cardiac Surgery is an-easy Job.. Every-year, around 10-20% Residency seats in Cardiac Surgery goes vaccant .. Lack of interest and Reduction of money from 1 million to 200k to 300k Dollars

    Just do your exams with best possibe shot..

    Any-thing Else?

    Sincerely yours,
  2. sidharthslg
    Adnan bhai ..i am givng my step 1 in feb and will try to wind up the ck by july end ...after that i am willing to go for a research in surgery esp CT surgery , i had been to US for electives in surgery for 2 months ...can you please guide me on how must i approach towards this direction seeing the current competition in surgery
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