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Thread: Getting thru final year..

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    Default Getting thru final year..


    Ive gained alot from other forums, and Im putting in my two paisa's worth here just in case it helps someone else out too.

    I just finished final year..technically dont have our degrees yet but you know how things go in Pakistan, and so I can tell you I cleared em all.
    With final year, understand that Medicine should and will take up the biggest chunk of your time. I used Davidson, right from the start, and even though I had friends using Inam Danish, I feel specially for those of you who are planning to appear for a foreign liscensing exam, it is wiser to avoid the local ''chopris'' we called them..but local publications.

    The more must-know topics you simply cant avoid from Bailey, for the rest I used a handbook version of Bailey. A local publ called Shamim is helpful too.
    Ten teachers for both Obs and Gynae I found sufficent, for peadiatrics I used and liked PPA. Kundi I heard great things about but didnt use.

    If there were ratios I could suggest..theyd be like this. medicine : surgery : gyn/obs : peds = 3 : 2 : 1 : 1

    Thats just how I took it and did it. Good luck to all

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    Thanks for your time Annie
    We all are here for others.
    -Adnan Choudhry



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