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Thread: My Preparation Experience Of FCPS Part 1 Examination.

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    Default weblinks of past fcps 1 paperz

    salaaam naveed bhai
    can u plz email me the links of past fcps 1 papers
    I shall be highly grateful to u


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    Smile FCPS 1 Q's URL request

    Done! I have sent the website URLs on your email address. You can surf these links and download the Questions you want.

    Thank You!!

    referring to you post above,,,,

    Kindly paste the URL adresses here...for the benefit of awanm un nass...and d entire part 1 community vd b much obliged
    Thanks in advance

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    Default MCQs for preparation of FCPS

    Hello Naveed
    I want to appear in FCPS part-1 exam in jan, 10. please send me the 700 MCQs along with the answers if possible. i ll be obliged for this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Naveed View Post
    Hello EveryBody!

    I cleared my FCPS Part 1 exam in October 2008. It has been quite a while since then. But now I feel like starting first thread at CPSP forum by posting my preparation experience.

    Every body has different experiences about their exam preparation.
    In my opinion one can clear it in a normal preparation of 3 to 4 months.
    The books I used are

    Kaplan Anatomy (1 reading)
    Kaplan Physio(special emphasis on Renal and Endo Physiology ) (2 readings)
    Goljan Patho (Selective Chapters and 1 reading)
    High Yield Embryo 1st edition (40 to 50 pages edition) (cover to cover 2 to 3 readings)
    Snell Review of Gross Anatomy (2 readings)
    First Aid to USMLE Step 1 (Outstanding Book)
    Pharma and Microbiology from First Aid. (More than enough)
    80% of the Medicine paper is usually from 1st Aid.

    I gave superficial readings on all the books above and did important additions from these books in the first aid.
    i finished the superficial readings in the first month and did additions in First Aid.
    In the last one and half month I had only first Aid as my study material.
    I gave 10 to 12 readings of First Aid in the last month.

    And last but not the least, I collected the past papers pool from the blogs on internet, solved them and memorized those questions by heart.
    I memorized Murad by heart.

    My advise is that collect the past papers pool , save them in ur computer and review them daily once or twice. So that in exams when u get the questions from that pool u can easily mark the right answer without any further thoughts.
    So after first readings from the books, Keep ur emphasis on First Aid and the MCQs. Murad and the past papers. I had nearly 700 questions other than murad from the pool of FCPS.

    I advise every one to Collect them, Solve them and memorize them all.
    Giving 1 serious reading to the course, Memorizing First Aid, Murad and Past papers maximizes ur chances of succeeding in the exam.
    And Most Important of them all, Pray, pray and pray a lot.

    Keep ur fingers crossed.

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    Default Fcps 1 anaesthesia

    can please some one guide me for fcps 1 exam in anaesthesia. which books r recommended or highly promoted for the exams and any link or books for anaesthesia past papers MCQs.
    looking forward for replies

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    sehrish, can u please send me 700 MCQs on my address zeusmirza@yahoo.com. i ll be gratefull for ur help
    Dr Tariq

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    Default 700 MCQs

    Hi friends!
    if any body can send me those 700 MCQs I'll b thankful!

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    Default Naveed Bhi!

    Hi and Salam Naveed Bhi!
    am in a great fix about part 1, plz send me links for the past papers...
    I'll be thankful...
    thanx and regards

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    dear dr, Naveed!
    plz mail to me the link for 700 MCQ for FCPS part 1 prepartion, do you think it will also help the dental graduates in preparing for part 1 exams... thankx a million for this favor. for sure God will be rewarded you for this good deed
    thanx again my email : dentist_71@hotmail.com

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    Sorry folks. Sorry every body. I was bit busy so couldn't reply on time.

    I will paste the link of the website here. So you can download the question from this blog.


    Sorry once again.

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    Default need your advice

    i need sites from where i can download free past papers for fcps part 1...
    can u tell me about those sites from where i can get past papers for dentistry

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