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Thread: regarding the type of lor

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    Default hey aisha

    aisha u jus dun need to show d ielts certificate....
    if ur deans tick marks all the three options which r now given on the 2010 statement..it ws not in the 2009 form..THANX GOD they added it in 2010 form..coz i din give ielts...coz m sure tht no1 can get 7.5 in each domain..so if he or she ticks marks all the 3 then u dun need an ielts cert ..its clearly mentioned in the eligibility notes n form..(d seperate form which u have to fill)
    see notes j or H its mentioned...
    ma dean din even fill it
    he jus signed n stamped it..
    i filled all d thingys jus d academic rankin part ws did by the admission dept...
    so u see its all ez
    grab all d documents..we have to send it bw 20 july to 21 aug..
    m givin plab in november
    i got xemptd from IELTS ALLHAMDULLIAH ...coz i searchd n read the gmc site carefully n thouroughly n it ws mentioned there tht IF 5 YEARS OF UR EDUCATION OF MBBS IS IN ENGLISH then u can get exempted..n i got xempted for 2 years well u have already given ielts n MASHALLAH got a nice score...
    hope tht helps
    if u wan ne further help lemme knw

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    n we jus have to send this statement which is given on d website..NO OTHER WRITTEN STATEMENT WRITTEN BY THE PRINCI....jus d statement they have given dere ok

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    nice job hina.
    Good Luck
    -Adnan Choudhry



    Please visit:

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    One document mentioning all, or two separate documents; both are fine. The purpose is information provision through validated papers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Parasuram View Post
    how will u weigh those externships or obsei done under private practioners offered by private agencies against obsei from a univ hospital ??
    Is it the quality (say from a private pract or from a attending in univ hospital) of lor that matters or the type of work done ie had u done an observer job or an externship
    and those people who offer those paid extern assure that the student will be alllowed to do the job in a hospital under the attending and it is no way different from the hands on elective.
    how much is this reliable????
    pls reply
    Some of them are quite reliable, some are not. Probe in detail before you pay anyone for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr.aisha View Post
    This is mentioned on the site for foundation system...
    Medical School Deanís Statement - Signed, dated and stamped and completed in English, which comprises:
    a. Permission to apply
    b. Confirmation that you are of good standing at medical school and considered fit to practise medicine in accordance with UK General Medical Councilís (GMC) Fitness to Practise requirements
    c. A verifiable academic ranking (this does not apply for applications relating to the Academic Foundation Programme). (See Note E)
    d. Confirmation of whether your primary medical qualification (including instruction, examinations and a significant amount of clinical contact with patients) was/is being undertaken in English.
    kindly also tell should there be only one document stating all these or two separate documents one for academic and the other for language..thnx
    They have told everything to mention... Just follow these guidelines.

    And you can add the language confirmation in the same letter, or separately... it's one n the same thing. All they need is confirmation of these things... whether on a single page or on many pages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NaeemMajeed View Post
    This is the sequence of importance of LoRs:

    1. American national, AMG
    2. Foreigner, AMG
    3. Foreigner, IMG in US
    4. US Qualified IMG in our countries
    5. Local qualified in our countries

    (Local LoRs are usually just a formality, they don't consider them seriously)

    Some of them are quite reliable, some are not. Probe in detail before you pay anyone for that.
    kindly tell what should be the script of the deans statement which should be attached wid eligibility form for foundation programme..i also have to add in da statement that i ve had all my exams in english as in IELTS ive scored 7.5 but in writing i have only 7..kindly help

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