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    So how r u supposed to study...da syllabus is unbelievably lengthy

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    Thank Allah, the policy makers, PMDC, etc that the first prof has been divided into two parts Ask us how we appeared for the combined 2 year prof :P

    Anatomy: You have done it for the sbstages n stages. Leave it for now. They will teach you every topic by force...

    Physio & Biochem: Go through each topic at least once before the sendups. These are usually the ignored subs as there are lesser tests.

    How to prepare depends more on what books you are following and how much you utilized summer vacs. Give 5 hours to books daily, 2 for physio, 2 for anatomy and 1 for biochem... and double that for weekends...

    Alternately, you can assign days to each sub. Two for each... and sundays for the one that has a test coming up

    Don't miss the topics asked in the past papers... ! Don't miss the topics that have higher clinical significance...

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    Please don't study in stress.
    Take it easy guys.
    God bless you all my friends.
    Remember me in your special prayers too
    -Adnan Choudhry



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