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Thread: help needed!

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    thankx Naveed

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    I passed the USMLE parts 1 and 2 ck but couldn't renew my us visa, got refused twice, so i thought of New Zealand and after passing the IELTS with the required score i went to a public notary to get my documents certified , anyways he warned me telling me that it is very difficult to get a job in New Zealand for any foreigner, no matter what your race is, as long as you are a foreigner, so i sent to a friend of mine, who lives there, wondering if this is for true, he is not a doctor, and his answer was the same , a lot of his friends over there, doctors, couldn't get a job , Can any one give me any info or personal experience on the matter ??

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    Don't listen to people.Just trust in God, who is all in all and give your best shot.Good Luck.
    -Adnan Choudhry



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