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Some 12,000 IMGs applied to the NRMP in 2008. Of the 7500 active IMG applicants who had certification and submitted a rank order list, 4500 (55%) were successful in matching. US citizens who completed their medical education abroad had a very similar matching result to IMGs. By comparison, 94% of graduates of US medical schools successfully matched. About 40% of all IMGs matched into categorical internal medicine residencies. Family practice took 15% of the IMG applicants, pediatrics took 9%, psychiatry 5% and preliminary surgery 5%.

The specialties who matched the fewest IMGs (ie most competitive) were orthopedic surgery (7%), radiation oncology (12%), categorical surgery (17%), diagnostic radiology (18%), emergency medicine (22%), and dermatology (23% of matched PGY2 applicants were IMGs). Few IMGs are accepted into transitional and preliminary medicine programs. The residencies matching the most IMGs were family medicine (66%), categorical internal medicine (45%), psychiatry (44%), rehabilitation medicine (43%), and pathology (41%).